Orion upgrade signals major investment by leading satellite provider

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Orion upgrade signals major investment by leading satellite provider

An innovative digital transformation and next generation systems upgrade being rolled out by Orion Satellite Systems represents the latest step in the company’s ongoing expansion, which will see $3 million invested in boosting network, product and staff support capability over the next six to 12 months.


Orion Satellite Systems Managing Director, Shannon Fisher, said the business, part of IPSTAR Australia (also known as IPA Group), is heavily focussed on growth and
promised several exciting announcements in the coming months. “Our financial stability, with no debt, and satellite ownership, enables us to anticipate market demands and deliver enhanced capabilities,” Mr Fisher said


“This positions our team to better support Australian and New Zealand businesses, making them more able to adapt to the new, growing
economy, now and as we transition out of the COVID-19 crisis.”


The first step in the journey was the upgrading of its systems from Hughes to UHP Networks across three gateways in Kalgoorlie, Broken Hill, and Auckland. It will help better deliver private data networks, backhauling, IoT and managed services.


UHP Networks is a leading global manufacturer of next generation VSAT networks and systems. Mr Fisher said the fact UHP Networks was
based in Canada, a Five Eyes country, would provide customers reassurance that their network is secure.

The new UHP Networks VSAT platform will deliver customers enhanced capabilities to maximise the business benefits of their service, initially offering two new features over the next six months:

  1. Standby: customers can log into the Orion portal to schedule future standby periods, putting their internet
    service on standby, then re-activating it when needed
  2. Burst: customers can log into the Orion portal and instantaneously select and receive higher bandwidth.


Mr Fisher said the UHP Networks VSAT platform would allow businesses operating in remote and regional parts of Australia and New Zealand to instantly change their satellite services to support their business demands and better deal with the unpredictable times and the nature of operating in remote locations.


Vagan Shakhgildian, CEO of UHP Networks said his team was proud that its technology was selected as the next platform for Orion Satellite


“Having worked with the Orion and IPSTAR teams on our maritime and New Zealand projects, we are now pleased to extend this co-operation to Australia,” Mr Shakhgildian said.


Read the full media release here.

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