Remote and isolated business operations bring their own set of challenges. Connectivity doesn’t need to be one. Whether you need connection for a mine camp, construction site or rural health initiative, make sure your geo-remote workforce & infrastructure is supported with an experienced, passionate and flexible provider.
  • Our connectivity footprint

    As part of a global satellite network we have a connectivity footprint encompassing 14 countries and thousands of kilometres. We can deploy connectivity from West Africa to New Zealand, China to Australia and anywhere in between.

  • Bandwidth & speed

    We understand that bandwidth and connection speed are important to ensure a seamless experience, without frustration. We provide scalable bandwidth solutions to ensure you have the connectivity you need, when you need it, no matter how your project may grow and evolve.

  • Data, here, there and everywhere

    Whether you need data in Broken Hill, or a mobile solution as you complete a project across the Pilbara, we can deliver a solution that meets your needs. Maintain operations and core applications with a reliable and flexible data plan.

  • Support at every step

    We have connectivity experts on hand to answer your questions and assist with implementation. Avoid frustrating call centres and talk directly with our friendly experts when you need to.

  • Flexible plans

    Avoid overspending, or under investing in rigid fixed plans. Our solutions team will work with you to identify the right plan based on your specific requirements. Take control of your connectivity with our on-demand connectivity solutions and find out why a flexible solution is the best option.

  • Next gen tech

    At Orion, we have access to emerging technology and global shared learning. We are constantly exploring best practice solutions and have a strong focus on innovation. We believe in investing in new solutions, for the benefit of our customers.

We understand geo-remote organisations & operations
We really needed a stable and reliable link. Orion had already provided connection for five remote sites and as our MSP, had a very strong understanding of the API operational infrastructure. This led to them tailoring the high speed, high availability SD-WAN solution.- Ian Plant, ICT Coordinator, API Management
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