To ensure you have the best possible connectivity experience during your satellite communication service, we are with you every step of the way.


Our solutions team will work with you to identify the right type of connectivity for your needs. This might include exploring technology options such as VSAT, identifying if you have appropriate network redundancy and evaluating the level of bandwidth you need.

As part of the planning stage, our engineers advise of any additional hardware required, or if your existing infrastructure can be repurposed.

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With your solution identified, our engineers and technicians begin the process of connecting your service. The timeframe for this is driven by your needs and the availability of any additional resources required.

Your Account Manager works closely with our technical staff to ensure your installation is efficient. Whether you require a technician being dispatched to site, or if the connection process can be managed entirely from Orion headquarters, the implementation process is clearly communicated during the planning phase.

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With your connection now in place, we start exploring additional ways for you to get the most out of your data. Our technicians focus on enhancing your connectivity experience and ensure that your solution is configured correctly and remains fit for purpose.

If your actual usage deviates from your original plan, we will make suggestions to improve your service. This could include changing bandwidth levels or switching to an on-demand model allowing you to control and scale your connectivity as needed.

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You will receive round the clock support to ensure any issues are resolved quickly and with minimal impact or downtime. Technicians are also available to attend connection sites, whether metropolitan or remote.

To further reduce the potential of downtime, our experts will equip you with essential and understandable information so you’re empowered to resolve satellite communication service issues where possible.

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