At Orion Satellite Systems, we pride ourselves on being a prominent leader in satellite communications. In 2023, we continue to innovate with the enhancement of our satellite solutions by launching its Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) Solution.

We have teamed up with OneWeb to introduce a new Enterprise Grade Low Earth Orbit (LEO) solution alongside our existing GEO and Medium-Orbit offering giving our clients access to a new Multi-Orbit Solution. This expansion to Multi-Orbit further strengthens Orion’s position as a market leader in the Australian Satellite market.

Low Latency: Orion’s Low Earth Orbit Satellites operate closer to the earth’s surface than traditional satellites which ensures lower latency, faster connection speeds, and performances comparable to urban networks. This technology enables seamless communication in previously under-served and hard-to-reach areas and we are excited to bring it to market.

Enterprise Grade: SLA compliance, Layer 2 capability, quality of service guarantees, terminate connections within data centers.

Horizon Portal: Customisable reports and usage visibility through award winning portal.

Expert Satellite Support: Satellite engineers and dedicated Australian-based support available 24/7.

Why choose Orion?

As a well-known brand with 20 years of satellite expertise Orion is one of only two infrastructure operators in Australia. This means they own their satellite. From start to finish, every project they work on is delivered by Orion staff and products, resulting in a quick and seamless process. Another distinguishing factor about Orion is their commitment to investing in dedicated satellite engineers which ensures that users receive local assistance and technical support, enhancing their overall experience.

Remote and isolated business operations bring their own set of challenges but with Orion, connectivity doesn’t need to be one. Whether you need connection for a mine camp, construction site or rural health initiative, make sure your team is supported with an experienced, dedicated, and flexible provider. Orion supplies Layer 2 and Layer 3 satellite services, both on their own satellite and via partner satellites.

We know that our customers need support when working remotely which is why we have 24/7 support available, provided by our own Australian-based support team. We have built our reputation on the back of our expertise in the field and now with our new Multi-Orbit Solution we can offer even better services” – Dave Townsend, Head of Commercial

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