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This project wouldn’t have been possible without the ongoing support, collaboration and expertise from the teams at MarchNet and Orion. Wanting to future proof our vast and extremely remote network was always going to be a challenge, but with substantial planning and consultation, we were all able to work together to seamlessly deploy a solution that is orders of magnitude better than what we’ve ever had before- Aaron Wakelly, Head of Government and Media Relationships, AACo
Since that first project, I think we have spoken with Orion on an almost weekly basis. We joke about giving them key cards to the office because they are here so often. We have relied on the Orion team to deliver connectivity for our projects and in every case, they have been reliable and flexible.- Harry Plange, IT Manager, MACA
We really needed a stable and reliable link. Orion had already provided connection for five remote sites and as our MSP, had a very strong understanding of the API operational infrastructure. This led to them tailoring the high speed, high availability SD-WAN solution.- Ian Plant, ICT Coordinator, API Management
The fact that Orion are willing to be flexible when needed, meant they really took the time to understand our needs. Their staff are thorough and efficient, and the connectivity service is almost too good to be true.- Simon Pearce, CIO, Spirit of Tasmania

Orion operates in many different industries to deliver connectivity without borders.

There are many commonalities across these industries that allow us to split our solutions into 2 main areas of focus: Geo-Remote Connectivity and Critical Connectivity.
    Get a reliable connection wherever you need it. We provide Geo-Remote connectivity to thousands of remote and isolated teams on land and at sea. If your worksite is in a hard to reach location, we can help Learn More
    Get reliable critical connectivity at all times. Whether your requirement is driven by data, equipment or communication needs, we put the control to scale it up and down in your hands. Learn More