Ensure you have the critical connectivity and scalable solution you need to maintain business operations and focus on core services, even during unexpected crises.
  • We need improved connectivity

    We work with government departments and emergency services in metropolitan, regional and remote locations. We understand that each department is different, with complex infrastructures and competing priorities. Our solutions focus on flexibility, efficiency and reliability. We use fibre, wireless, VSAT, SCPC and SDWAN technology to provide a seamless connectivity experience.

  • Our stakeholder networks need better phone and internet

    We offer managed phone, data and general internet services via satellite, fibre or wireless technology to provide an improved and consistent connectivity experience. Whether your stakeholders are accessing education materials, using PayPal or transferring key data, secure and reliable connectivity is vital to meeting your stakeholders’ expectations.

  • We need critical backup connectivity

    We only use hardware that we are confident can provide the service you need, which means lower failure rates and better peace of mind. For applications where constant connectivity is essential, our back-up network support systems remove concern by providing a one-to-one auto-redundant system.

  • We need support when networks fail

    We provide communities, camps and remote locations with redundant links that provide ‘failover’ communications if a primary communications service fails. We also back up all our products and services with a 24/7 helpdesk staffed by connectivity who resolve problems fast. If for any reason the problem can’t be resolved remotely, we aim be on site within 48 hours to restore your service.

  • We need a scalable, flexible solution

    We understand the importance of having a connectivity solution that evolves in line with your activity. At Orion, flexibility is at the heart of all of our solutions, enabling customers to scale services up and down as needed.

  • We need a provider that understands us

    Our experts work closely with government and emergency services on a regular basis. We maintain regular communications before, during and after solutions are implemented to ensure positive and proactive support.