Payment Assistance Policy

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Payment Assistance Policy


 1   About our Payment Assistance Policy

In Australia, telco customers who are in financial difficulty may be entitled to assistance from their telco supplier. This Payment Assistance Policy (policy, for short) explains:

The goals of our policy

For customers experiencing financial hardship:

3   You are entitled to apply for assistance, free of charge

4   You can complain about our decision

5   Other places to get help

You can also get information and advice from:

6    Contacting authorised personnel

You can contact us to speak directly with personnel who are authorised to deal with applications for financial hardship assistance:

7    Do you have special communications needs?

Do you need a spoken language interpreter?
If you need a spoken language interpreter, you can call the Australian Government’s Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450.

Do you need a written language interpreter?

Do you need the National Relay Service?
If you are deaf, hard of hearing, or have a speech impairment, you can also contact us through the National Relay Service (NRS) on 1800 555 677.


Eligibility for financial hardship assistance, and our application form

8    Legal test for eligibility

There is a legal test for eligibility to receive financial hardship assistance. To make it as simple as possible to understand, we have built the legal test into Part 2 of our application form, in plain English.

9    Understanding if you are eligible

Part 2 of our application form contains a number of statements. Each is followed by a coloured tick box e.g.:

There are tick boxes in grey and orange and green and blue and pink and yellow. If you have ticked:

then you may be eligible for financial hardship assistance.


Options for assistance

10    Financial hardship assistance

The options we offer for financial hardship assistance are indicated by the pink check boxes on our application form.

11    General assistance

By way of general assistance to customers to manage payment obligations and associated debts, to us, we will consider payment plans where reasonably requested, unless we assess that there is unacceptable credit risk or that payments will not be brought up to date within two billing cycles.


How to apply for financial hardship assistance

12    Step 1: Fill in an application form

13     Step 2: Send the application to us

You can do that by:


Assessing your eligibility for financial hardship assistance

14     Step 3: We’ll acknowledge your application

We’ll notify you:


15     Step 4:  We’ll let you know if we need evidence (information, including documents) to show that you are in financial hardship


16     Step 5: We’ll assess your eligibility for financial hardship assistance


Offering assistance

17    Step 6:  We’ll let you know if we need any further information (including documents)


18   Step 7: We’ll make you an offer


19   Step 8: Finalising a financial hardship assistance arrangement


Monitoring the progress of your application


20   Contact points

For the purposes of monitoring the progress of an application, our contact points are:


21    Monitoring

You can monitor the progress of your application through any of the contact points.

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