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A refreshingly flexible approach to telecommunications

Founded in 2003 in Perth, Western Australia, Orion is the quiet achiever of Australian telecommunication carriers. Delivering innovation and quality telecommunication solutions, particularly in challenging environments, is Orion’s strength.

At Orion we don’t just talk about being flexible, our business model is built on customised telecommunications solutions. Our data and telephony plans are conversation starters, rather than constraints, and our Account Managers are empowered to build solutions and negotiate pricing.

We use our own infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies from the best suppliers. Whether it is a telephony, data, networking or a combination of services, Orion can deliver you an integrated and costeffective solution.

With access to multiple technology platforms we can deliver a quality integrated telecommunication service anywhere in Australia, on land or at sea. Our satellite technology is world class and leverages the expertise and assets of our parent company Thaicom. Our terrestrial telephony and data services can be delivered over VSAT, commercial grade NBN infrastructure, independent fibre links and Next G mobile networks.

Experience the difference.

Flexible, personal service

Fast, secure, high performance connectivity

Effective engineering for every solution

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Experience the Difference, call Orion on 1800 063 123 or email [email protected]