Why every business should consider chaos engineering in 2019

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Why every business should consider chaos engineering in 2019

Chaos engineering has become increasingly important as more and more organisations have become reliant on technology to deliver their services and maintain their daily operations. But with such a reliance on technology, it’s easy for risks to emerge. For example, a single server going down might freeze your whole business or a spike in internet traffic might crash your website. How would your business cope during a situation such as this?

Chaos engineering can help with managing potential risks which may occur in your business by identifying them before they occur. A chaos engineer can take a look at the systems currently in place within your business and look for weaknesses. They can also replicate your system in a lab, then simulate a spike in internet traffic or a server going down. If something they find causes a disruption, the engineer can fix it so that, that disruption won’t occur in the future. For example, if your business runs on a single server, they might add a second server so things will still keep going if one of them goes down.

Businesses both large and small should undertake chaos engineering within their business to strengthen it for the future. It’s now 2019 and customers have the expectation that technological services and systems should be working from their providers at all times. Any type of down time can be a complete and total disaster.

For some businesses, managing disasters is so important that they now have entire chaos engineering departments, this is certainly the case at Netflix. Netflix has many people within its business keeping it from going offline. The videos on Netflix must always be able to be played and any sort of downtime for them could cause millions of people to unsubscribe and keeping their subscribers is very important to them. Netflix can only do that by delivering a good service and that’s why they need chaos engineers. Netflix needs to know if there’s anyway their service could stop running and then what they can put it place so that doesn’t happen. If delivering a good service is important in your business, then you may need a chaos engineer as well and that’s where Orion can help you the most.

A chaos engineer’s responsibility is to essentially find places where your businesses systems might break, have vulnerabilities or have issues which may become something bad in the future. They then fix these or add defences into those systems which will help to reduce risks in the future. It is this, which Orion can do for you and our engineers are ready to help you and your business to be secure and safe no matter what situation may occur.

If you need help or would like to have your systems examined by one of our chaos engineer’s, you can contact Orion by using the form below or call us on 1800 063 123

Source: Tech Crunch

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