The Evolution Of Data Requirements For Remote Sites

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The Evolution Of Data Requirements For Remote Sites
10 years ago, Orion was selling an entry level data plan which offered a subscriber a contended bandwidth configuration of 1024/256Kbps with a usage allowance of 4GB per month, throughout the past decade there have been developments with both pricing and technology affording clients greater economies of scale, however the greatest development we have observed over this period, is the amount of data a “typical” site consumes on an entry level subscription, with the daily average being 4GB. A shift from using 4GB over the course of a month to using the same amount within a 24-hour period, represents an increase of 3,027%.

The most defining factor behind this significant increase is the types of applications and software packages remote sites are having to utilize in order function, only to be compounded by the increase in staff numbers. In relation to the types of applications and software packages impacting link performance and bandwidth requirements are the likes of:

  • Microsoft, apple and android updates
  • Antivirus and application updates
  • Dropbox
  • Media streaming
  • Cloud based email
  • Cloud based storage i.e. one drive, Office 365 and Google Docs

It stands to reason that the majority of the above applications and software packages will be continually updated as to have the vendor remain competitive and relevant, whilst also being as secure as possible against ever evolving threats.

So, what can you do to ensure your site is as optimized as possible? Educating the remote site staff can go a long way, that is, inform personnel how certain applications can impact on the links performance, thus impacting the user experience for other connected users. Further, you can work smarter, by scheduling any software and application updates after hours as well as having files synchronize during off peak times.

Whilst efforts can be made on the part of our clients, Orion also acknowledges we can play a role in improving the user experience for the remote site staff by way of applying Quality of Service to the link, which prioritizes some traffic types over others. Beyond applying QoS, come 2018 Orion will be offering full VSAT kits plus a configured firewall free of charge on all service plans on 24 and 36 month agreements, outside of which Orion will be selling firewalls to any and all clients interested in maximizing the commercial capacity of their connections.

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