Taking control of your satellite connection with Horizon

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Taking control of your satellite connection with Horizon

For many organisations in remote Australia, reliable and secure network connectivity is something that has long been out of reach. Expensive data costs, extremely remote locations, seasonal changes and a whole host of other environmental factors make it difficult for businesses to stay in control of their network and help their business grow. 

With Orion’s new Horizon customer portal, that’s all a thing of the past. 

Built upon groundbreaking UHP technology, Horizon was designed to meet the evolving needs of Australia’s most remote customers. Created and deployed to move beyond the current understanding of the user portal model, Horizon is a single touchpoint for remote organisations – a secure communicative mechanism – allowing users to take control and directly interact with their satellite services in real-time.  


The challenges facing remote businesses 

At its core, Horizon is a connectivity powerhouse, assisting customers in remote locations to communicate and directly interact with their satellite services in real-time.  

In doing so, it allows users to overcome a wide array of location specific challenges, including: 

Lack of real-time data 

Greater control over historical reporting, visibility of services, change in contentions and modem temperatures drastically cuts out the need for troubleshooting. Ultimately, this greater visibility allows you to get on top of issues before they even occur. 

Scalable bandwidth 

Projects often change on the fly. Horizon adapts with your business by scaling bandwidth according to usage peaks and troughs. Whether you need fixed rates for projected spikes in activity, or flexible pay-per-use connectivity when things quieten down –using Orion’s Horizon portal to enable burstable bandwidth will keep your business covered in the various stages of any project. 

Greater insights into projected costs 

Proactive alerts and invoicing statistics provide clarity on previous spending and potential costs for any upcoming project, simplifying the process of forecasting bandwidth and potential future costs. 

These insights can be especially handy when encountering the following: 

Orion know that for their customers, these are some of the common challenges they come across, so they developed Horizon to give complete control over how they access and deploy their own satellite services. But what are some of the ways that Horizon can impact business efficiency over the long term? 


Horizon’s unmatched capabilities 

Through its streamlined, single portal system, Horizon’s unparalleled flexibility makes it easy for organisations to see positive change in their commercial and operational process almost instantly. 

Some of these changes can be found in the following: 

Simplified cost management 

Traditionally organisations have had to commit to fixed length contracts and increasingly high data fees. This has made it difficult to clearly understand budget constraints and planning for future projects.  

Of course, data isn’t cheap, so, a simple miscalculation has the potential to put costing pressure on any project or business plan.  With the right insights, planning and cost management becomes seamless and less of a headache.  


For many remote organisations, it’s simply not viable to maintain full time IT staff on-site. So, when something does go wrong, the right solution may not arrive until it’s too late. Horizon’s user-centric design provides flexible and reliable connection options and removes the barrier to adequate support for Australia’s remote locations. With an accessible portal that returns control back to the user, Horizon enables access to quick and helpful assistance, reducing the time needed to troubleshoot and wait for support. 

Empowering Australia’s remote communities 

As one of Australia’s largest remote industries, mining integrates a diverse collection of locations, processes, and most importantly – people. Connectivity is crucial to all of this. From the complex stages of the mining cycle, to the ability for remote workers to connect with their families, Horizon’s reliable and modern satellite portal puts control back in the user’s hands, affecting real positive change for remote industries, the people they employ and the communities they support. 


Ready to connect? 

At Orion, we’ve helped countless remote organisations build their network and help their business grow. If you’d like to learn more about how Horizon can help you take control of your satellite services, get in touch today. 


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