Staying Connected During Crisis: Orion’s LEO Satellite Solution

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Staying Connected During Crisis: Orion’s LEO Satellite Solution

In today’s world, reliable connectivity has become an absolute necessity. Unreliable connections can have a profound impact, affecting not only our personal lives but also the seamless operation of businesses, organisations, and even critical disaster recovery and emergency rescue operations.

The ramifications of unreliable connectivity extend beyond financial cost, as it can directly jeopardize lives, particularly for those in urgent need of assistance during network outages.

As recently announced, Orion Satellite Systems now offers an enterprise-grade LEO technology, making disaster planning options more affordable and accessible than ever before. This advancement can become the “safety net” backup for primary connections in a variety of industries, offering an additional layer of redundancy, and to serve as a lifeline during critical times when connectivity is paramount.

Orion Satellite Systems newly appointed General Manager ANZ, Dan Mandich states: “Coming from a managed services background, disaster recovery (DR) is a key component of every customer discussion. The financial and organisational impact of repeated outages tends to be underrated. These risks effecting critical business applications can be minimised through adoption of LEO based technology as part of their Business Continuity Planning (BCP)”

All Orion clients can manage their services through the award-winning customer portal, Horizon. In DR scenarios, this means clients can activate their back up plan, and even boost bandwidth during times of higher demand.

Orion’s Disaster Recovery services are available to both direct and channel partners.

About Orion Satellite Systems:

Orion Satellite Systems, as part of IPSTAR Australia, excels in delivering connectivity solutions tailored to the unique challenges of remote and isolated business operations. Orion is a trusted partner, offering decades of experience, dedication, and flexibility. Orion provides Layer 2 and Layer 3 satellite services through their satellite infrastructure and partner satellites, delivering cutting-edge Multi-Orbit Solutions.

For more information on Orion, please visit our website at or get in touch with our expert team today on 1800 063 123

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