Reduce downtime with rapid satellite deployment from Orion

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Reduce downtime with rapid satellite deployment from Orion

These days we expect most things in a hurry, but setting up communications for complex and long-winded projects or business operations can often be a daunting and long-winded process.  

Australia’s mining operations often occur in some of the country’s most remote and hostile regions. We’ve noticed that for these businesses, having a reliable, quickly deployed satellite communications system is essential to long term project and business success.  

Whether it’s offering the same performance as corporate HQ, providing a mobile solution for exploration teams, or simply increasing internet speed for staff living away from home, swiftly setting up your comms has multiple benefits, including cost reductions, expediting results, and improving employee safety and welfare. 

With Orion’s rapidly deployed satellite communications systems, you can rest assured that you’ll reduce downtime and maintain critical connectivity – no matter where you are.


Rapidly deployed communications to the remotest sites

Remote operations like drilling, exploration and mining come with a unique set of challenges. 

No matter the stage of the mining process, real-time access to data is vital to making better decisions, speeding up your response, and improving project efficiency. With many projects often built on short turnaround times and constantly evolving needs, getting the right equipment on the ground immediately is often the only option for project success. 

Rapidly deployed satellite communications are essential for: 


Remove the worry of unexpected downtime 

How much does downtime cost your exploration or drilling operation?  

These operations have strict timelines, and the impact of telecommunications failure is significant – long periods of downtime can have severe consequences on operations across the board. Without a timely communications setup, data access becomes near impossible, resulting in loss of potential investment, blown out project timelines, soaring costs, reduced staff morale, and non-compliance with OH&S regulations. 


Deploy your satellite communications in two days with Orion 

Orion’s rapidly deployed integrated satellite solutions are available to both rent and purchase outright. Regardless of the project or location, we can have your new system up and running within a matter of days. 

Temporary installations 

Orion’s rental VSAT kits can be deployed, self-installed and activated within 1-2 days of payment. This is critical for reducing your overall downtime and providing you with the exact hardware and data connection you need while arranging a permanent solution.  

Permanent installations 

For established sites where something longer term is required but time is still critical, Orion’s satellite communications solutions are available for purchase. These permanent installations can also be deployed within 1-2 days and provide high speed connectivity with voice and data options. This allows onsite operations to transfer data between locations, as well as providing consistent and reliable communications for staff and their friends and families.  

‘It’s pretty remarkable how quickly we can help mining operations get their satellite communications setup. From our very first discussions to a fully functional communications system in just a few days – we’ve helped some of Australia’s most remote businesses stay connected and keep their project’s on track.’ 

Sophia Haldane, 

Account Manager – Orion Satellite Systems


Out in the field 

Infinity Mining Limited 

WA Lithium and Battery metals explorer Infinity Mining required a permanent satellite communications solution for their latest exploration site. Once the proposal from Orion was approved and the equipment purchased, it was delivered overnight, self-installed by Infinity, and activated within the next two days. 

Immediate connection and improved bandwidth 

Referred to Orion by another specialist exploration group, another Orion customer needed greater bandwidth and a stronger satellite connection as quickly as possible. After discussing rent or purchase options, they settled on purchasing their field setup. And thanks to the self-install option, were able to have the set-up ready to go within a matter of days.


Need a satellite connection yesterday?

All of our satellite communication kits are easy to deploy and require minimal effort to install. Delivered to you within two days, connectivity can be established in under an hour during set-up, and service can be scaled back to standby when relocating, making unexpected downtime a thing of the past. 

Orion excels at providing expedited delivery on satellite connectivity services, tailored to customer needs. If you require remote communications urgently, get in touch today!


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