Preparing Your Business For IP Telephony – Is Now The Best Time To Move?

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Preparing Your Business For IP Telephony – Is Now The Best Time To Move?
The telephone system is one of the most essential parts of an efficient business. It allows for many things such as sales to be made, communications to occur between your business and its customers or conversations between staff internally. Not having a phone system or even worse, having one disconnected, even for just a day, would be a major disruption to any business.

Things are changing in the telecommunications industry. The NBN is being installed country wide and quickly. But the NBN isn’t just about the internet alone and the NBN coming to your location doesn’t just require updating your internet connection, it also means that phone connections will also need to be updated.

Telstra’s old ISDN technology is being phased out around the country and by 2022 it will be gone! Every business currently on an ISDN connection will need to prepare to move to the new IP Telephony technology. If the area where your business is located is getting the NBN in January 2019 for example, then that will mean your move away from ISDN is happening very soon.

IP Telephony technology uses the internet to make voice calls and perform other functions that the old ISDN system could perform. But IP telephony is able to perform more functions, offers better performance and has less down time than ISDN.

Is now the best time to move?

Many business owners may be thinking that they will update or upgrade their phone systems when the NBN comes to their area. But this could actually be quite a risky and a costly mistake to wait. It takes approximately 4-8 weeks to move from the old ISDN to the new IP Telephony network and if this is left too late, this wait time could potentially be very disruptive to your business.

Cost is a factor any business owner should consider. If you can plan your move to IP Telephony now, Orion can help you by providing a quote and a time frame for the move. This will allow you and your business to budget accordingly. No one wants to rush a move at the last moment just as the ISDN network is being shut down and at the same time get stuck having no budget for the move and also not enough time to implement it correctly. At Orion we can help you plan this move and make the process as smooth as possible for any business large or small.

The best time to move to the new IP Telephony network is now. Even if your business is in an area that isn’t ready for the NBN yet, some newer phone systems are backwards compatible and can connect to older ISDN networks in the meantime. It’s best to get a specialist to assist your business with this move. At Orion we are experts in ISDN to IP Telephony migrations and when moving from Telstra’s ISDN network to Orion’s IP Telephony network, the best thing about it is, you can keep all of the same phone numbers throughout the process.

Moving phone networks doesn’t need to be a rushed process. Plan your move, budget for it early and speak to the team at Orion.

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