Orion Announces Eutelsat OneWeb Partnership, Unveiling Innovative Multi-Orbit Solution.

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Orion Announces Eutelsat OneWeb Partnership,  Unveiling Innovative Multi-Orbit Solution.

Orion Satellite Systems, a prominent leader in satellite communications, has teamed up with Eutelsat OneWeb to introduce a new Low Earth Orbit (LEO) offering. This strategic partnership with Eutelsat OneWeb, marks a significant milestone for Orion Satellite Systems – now enabling them to deliver an enhanced and tailored Multi-Orbit Solution that provides a satellite agnostic offering via channel partners and direct to user.

Newly appointed General Manager, Dan Mandich, underscored the company’s commitment to client-focused innovation, stating, “Orion is dedicated to evolving alongside our clients and partners, meeting their current and future needs. Our new LEO solution, complementing our GEO IPSTAR infrastructure and enhancing our West and East Coast earth station presence, will make connectivity more accessible. Notable this Multi-orbit offering is a cost-effective alternative to microwave and fibre deployments.”

For two decades, Orion have been providing connectivity to Australia & New Zealand based businesses. In addition, as part of the global Thaicom Group, Orion has a connectivity footprint spanning 14 countries. From West Africa to New Zealand, China to Australia and anywhere in between. As one of only two infrastructure operators in Australia, owning and operating their satellite (THAICOM 4), Orion oversees every project, ensuring swift and seamless implementation. Their experienced team of satellite engineers ensure localised assistance and technical support, bolstering reliability and high customer satisfaction.

Dave Townsend, Head of Commercial at Orion, emphasised the transformative impact of Orion’s LEO solution, noting, “Eutelsat OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, operating closer to the Earth’s surface than traditional satellites, guarantee minimal latency, accelerated connection speeds, and performance on par with urban networks. This technology bridges communication gaps in underserved
and hard-to-reach areas.”

About Orion Satellite Systems:

Orion Satellite Systems, as part of IPSTAR Australia, excels in delivering connectivity solutions tailored to the unique challenges of remote and isolated business operations. Orion is a trusted partner, offering decades of experience, dedication, and flexibility. Orion provides Layer 2 and Layer 3 satellite services through their satellite infrastructure and partner satellites, delivering cutting-edge Multi-Orbit Solutions.

For more information on Orion Satellite Systems, please visit our website at https://orionsat.com.au/ or contact our expert team today on 1800 063 123.

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