How we did something great for Orion and MACA: A ten-year connection built on Flexibility and Reliability

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Since that first project, I think we have spoken with Orion on an almost weekly basis. We joke about giving them key cards to the office because they are here so often. We have relied on the Orion team to deliver connectivity for our projects and in every case, they have been reliable and flexible. - Harry Plange, IT Manager, MACA

About the Company

MACA, a contract mining company offering civil earthworks and other related services, required a critical communication connection for equipment when deploying and mobilising staff in West Australia. MACA required a flexible solution as the project duration was unknown and their current provider only offered a rigid, 12-month fixed term contract. If the project was short, this contract timeframe would result in significant unnecessary costs for MACA which was not commercially appealing.

The Business Need

MACA needed a reliable connection for its mining contract workers that was reliable, could be scaled up or down depending on need and was flexible in terms of service duration.

The Challenge

It is difficult for Harry, IT Manager of MACA Ltd to commit to a long-term, fixed plan that a big telecommunication provider offered. He did not want to make any financial commitments to pay for a service that was no longer needed.

Key Outcomes

MACA first implemented Orion’s geo-remote connectivity solution more than 10 years ago, the connection enabled staff to communicate anywhere in the world, giving MACA the competitive edge they wanted. The initial partnership was a success and since then Orion has assisted MACA with more than a dozen additional projects. For MACA, the reliability and flexibility, coupled with knowledgeable and accessible support has been the key to the longstanding relationship.

The Future

With a ten-year relationship established, the team at MACA have no plans to stop working with Orion. The two companies are in regular contact and continue to work together on multiple projects. So much so that Harry considers the Orion team as an extension of his own staff.

We definitely plan to continue our working relationship with Orion. This year we worked with them to activate an SCPC system which is a first for us as we previously have relied solely on shared services“, Harry Plange, IT Manager, MACA

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