My payment system went offline on my busiest day! What do I do?

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My payment system went offline on my busiest day! What do I do?

Recent years in Australia have seen people within the country increasingly move towards digital payment methods rather than traditional cash methods of payment. Fewer people now carry cash with them than ever before, with most people relying on their eftpos, tap and pay cards or even their phones to make payments for them at checkout.Businesses have had to move to meet this change in customer payment behaviour by offering various types of digital payment methods that meet the demands and expectations of their customers. In doing so, businesses now need to have their payment systems connected to the internet 24/7 in order to process all these new digital payments.

Companies large or small have now become reliant on their internet service provider to keep the connection constant so their business can keep running, but what if something goes wrong with their internet connection? What if their internet company has an outage?

Think about this. Julie has an ice-cream store. On hot days, she gets the most sales and is the busiest. She is up to date with her payment processes and has all types of digital payment methods such as tap and pay, eftpos, credit card and every phone payment available at her store. It’s a Saturday and the temperature is 39 degrees and it’s only 10am. Customers start lining up for their ice-cream early in the morning. She would probably make a fortune that day, but she doesn’t, it’s a disaster! Julie’s internet provider’s network has an outage at 11:30am until 4pm and Julie has no internet connection in her store during that time. She’s not able to sell much of her ice-cream. She can’t take any digital payments. Only a few customers carry cash and most leave the store and buy nothing, with no ATM nearby to get any cash out. The outage ends at 4pm, Julie’s internet comes back on, but the sun’s going down and she’s lost the majority of her sales on her busiest day and she is furious.

In this situation, Julie had no backup, no way to get her payments processed without the internet. Julie could have avoided this, she could have gotten those sales. She could have put in place a disaster recovery system which would have kept her online and kicked in when her main source of internet cut out. It could also have been done for minimal cost in comparison to what she lost by not having a disaster recovery backup plan in place.

At Orion, we specialise in data recovery systems and have the capacity and the infrastructure to keep your payment systems online 24/7. Our network can act as a fail safe network that can come online when your main provider experiences difficulties with an outage or network congestion.

Orion can provide highly competitive bandwidth at a low price, with specialised packages tailored to businesses of any size. Whether you have an ice-cream store like Julie or a massive mining operation in Western Australia. Orion can scale its offering to meet network demands of any size.

Our disaster recovery team can make affordable suggestions and recommendations for the right disaster recovery solutions that will give you peace of mind. Even on the busiest of days for your business, your systems will be maintained and kept online at all times.

Contact us using the form below for a quote or call us on 1800 063 123 and ask us for a disaster recover solution for your business.

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