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Is Your Business Protected Against Cyber Threats?

Is Your Business Protected Against Cyber Threats?

Cyber-attacks from online hackers are one of those things that you often hear about in the media or in movies, but most never think that a hacker would ever attack or target them. But cyberattacks are more common than people think and are increasingly common in a business environment.

Take a look and see how cyber-attacks can unfold in a business. See how a simple forged email can compromise an entire company and its network. Keep in mind that this is only one type of cyber-threat that can occur, there are others and each one of those has dangers you need to prepare against.

In business it is important to be aware of the different types of attacks that can occur. Common attacks on businesses include:

  • Malware: Often happens when a user clicks on a link and installs software that puts their system at risk. Once the malware is installed it can disrupt the computer, transmit information from the hard drive or block access to a computer completely.
  • Phishing: This is when someone sends communications from a recognised source with the goal of collecting login information or credit card information from the victims.
  • Man In The Middle Attack: This occurs when someone is connected on a public network such as a private Wi-Fi network where an attacker is also connected. The attacker will then intercept communications between the victim’s device and the network until they gather sensitive information.
  • Denial Of Service Attack: When an attacker floods a system with traffic in order to strain the resources and bandwidth.
  • Zero Day exploit: When an attacker takes advantage of a network vulnerability before a system update or security patch has been updated.

It is important for businesses to have a process and a plan for working against cyber security threats.  These types of threats are rarely obvious and often are covert and hidden from plain sight.

At Orion, we understand cyber security and the damage that online threats can cause to a business. We understand how business networks work and operate. We can help you and your business to develop a process to identify, detect and prevent cyber-attacks in your business.


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