How Can Our Connectivity Drive Your Innovation?

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How Can Our Connectivity Drive Your Innovation?
As the year comes to a close, some people will reflect on what was, whilst others begin planning what will be next year. Personally, I do a bit of both, reflecting on what I did well and enjoyed, and that which I could do better, looking toward how this reflection may result in a greater level of satisfaction achieved in the year to follow.

Looking at 2017, which was (going by the books) a better year than those most recent, having seen increased activity from investors, increased project development investment, both resulting in increased activity within the drilling and exploration sectors, all of which having a direct flow on effect with unemployment rates falling – to use a cricket term (it is summer after all), there is a bit of wag in the tail. A better year without doubt, however I must admit to feeling a little disappointment; I’m disappointed that we find ourselves on the precipice watching as another bubble begins to form, whilst there seemingly has been little to no innovation achieved by those who have waited for the next bubble to form, apparently it will be, just as it was. Shouldn’t the firms which were patient and cunning enough to survive the downturn want more, i.e. to work smarter rather than harder?!

Orion for example has this year added a number of complimentary services to our product suite to afford our clients the luxury of a having a single provider for all forms of connectivity (satellite is now just one aspect), we have also created disaster recovery connectivity packages which will be unrivaled in 2018; I will stop here though as this article is not a sales pitch, rather, I want it to act as a call to arms…

Right now, sitting over every Australian Capital City Orion has “paddocks” of space on our Thaicom 4 satellite, and I want to know what you or your firm could do with it; I’m not asking you to do my job, I’m asking how Orion could assist you in doing yours. Cost aside, what could you do with hundreds of megabits which doesn’t rely on terrestrial infrastructure; what would you do with it if it was yours, all yours? Government department, not for profit organisations, education institutions, I want you to tell me what your connectivity utopia looks like.

I am hoping to stimulate innovation, so let’s talk and see if we can’t design a dream!

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