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Secure and cost-effective satellite solutions for government and business maritime services in Australia, New Zealand across the South Pacific.
We need connectivity offshore and on the move
How Orion help

We provide sophisticated satellite technology to deliver on-the-move connectivity, created specifically for maritime vessels. Our reliable and high-speed solution enables consistent connectivity for crew and customers, with no frustrating blackspots. By managing your bandwidth, we enable passengers to connect to internet and telephony services without disrupting operational communications.

We need reliable, fast and consistent connectivity for staff and passengers
How Orion help

This service ensures crew and passengers can contact who they need to, when they need to. We understand a fast connection matters for core business, on site health and safety and staff mental health

We need a secure connection with multiple land-based sites and other vessels
How Orion help

We can bring your vessels into the same security envelope as your metropolitan locations. By encrypting your traffic over satellite, fibre or wireless technology we take full advantage of our cutting-edge infrastructure to ensure you are connected and completely secure.

We need a secure network
How Orion help

By using intelligent satellite technology, we can ensure your network is secure without compromising your connectivity speed. Unlike options that use VPNs to encrypt satellite technology, we have developed a solution that takes full advantage of our satellite infrastructure and provides security, reliability and high-speed connectivity for your operations.

Case Study
Customers and staff of Spirit of Tasmania better connected with Orion’s Geo-Remote technology

“It can be frustrating to have to pick a service from a rigid menu of options, especially when the service is a significant financial investment for your business. The fact that Orion are willing to be flexible when needed, meant they really took the time to understand our needs. Their staff are thorough and efficient, and the connectivity service is outstanding.”Simon Pearce, CIO, Spirit of Tasmania.

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Experience the Difference, call Orion on 1800 063 123 or email [email protected]